HELYNE JENNINGS contemporary paper & textile artist

My Background


I was introduced to embroidery as an art and contemporary craft medium on my foundation art and design course in Barnstaple which led me to complete a BA in textiles specialising in embroidery at Loughborough College of Art & Design from 1976/79. During 1979/81 I was accepted to study on the then tapestry section of the textile department at the Royal College of Art where I gained an MA. Since then I have been working as a self employed mixed media/textile and paper artist - designer.

My Medium


I use many different media in my textile and paper work which include reclaimed and recycled thread, fabric, plastic, gilding metals and foils, plaster and organic material. Through many processes these materials are brought together  as wall pieces, hangings and pieces of jewellery.

My Inspiration


Travel has been an inspiration in my work during and after my college years having travelled extensively throughout Egypt, South East Asia, Japan and Australasia. The land and sea scapes where I live in Devon play their part in recent work  trying to capture the transient everchanging light and mood of my surroundings.

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Helyne Jennings - MA RCA

Torrington, Devon, England, United Kingdom