The High Altar Cloth


This was a long term project commissioned by the Friends of The Abbey for Dorchester Abbey in Oxfordshire. All Liturgical Vestments and the High Altar Cloth are made of silk that is coated with 24 carat Italian yellow gold leaf then further embellished using freehand machine embroiderey. The symbols of the three crosses (left of centre), the sun and moon symbols at either end are stitched with metal thread on vanishing fabric that is overlayed onto the main cloth giving a relief effect. This is reflected in the lattice work on the Frontlet that overhangs the top of the cloth which is based on the structure of the great East Window. 

Art and design imagery in the church textiles and Altar Cloth was taken from studies, rubbings and the architecture inherant in the fabric of the Abbey, a beautiful, calm and serene place. When considering this commission it was my intention to create something meditative, a contemplative piece at close proximity but also a piece that would glow and entice from affar, nestling among the great windows surrounding the Altar bathing it with light.